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Bay Islands Passenger Ferry

For information on ferries to Coochimudlo and Stradbroke islands, call Stradbroke Ferries on 07 3488 5300.

The ferry to Southern Moreton Bay Islands (Russell, Macleay, Lamb and Karragarra) leaves from Weinam Creek, Redland Bay.  The ferry operates from Monday to Sunday at regular intervals.

Since July 2013, the SMBI (Southern Moreton Bay Islands) have been part of TransLink. This has made a big difference to all islanders. One big benefit is that inter-island travel is free. And it is so handy to have just the one card to use both on the ferry and on the buses. And there are ways of making your travels really cost effective.


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    1. Hi Vicki,
      If you check again the Bay Islands Ferry Timetable page, you will see the Xmas timetable at the bottom of the page.

  1. hi, I am planning to stay on Russell Isl for a few days, so I’m wondering if a return ticket means it has to be used in one day, or if the return journey can be taken on another day

    1. If you are coming by passenger ferry, you buy a single ticket when you travel each way. The ticket can be bought at ticket office on the mainland or on the ferry.
      if you bring your car and come by vehicle barge you can buy a return ticket and either nominate the day and time for both ways or leave the return open and confirm date and time later.

  2. Hi there, my husband and I and our kids are thinking of moving to Russell island next year. I was just wondering if there are any different prices for island residents to the mainland and also for travel between the islands. the more info you could give me the better. Thanks heaps

    1. Hi Laura, yes, island residents receive almost 20% discount taking their car on the vehicular barge (it is slightly cheaper again if you register as a Frequent Floater and book online). Also if you are moving to the island, passenger ferry travel to the mainland has become cheaper and more convenient now that we have been integrated into the Translink system. Inter-island passenger ferry travel between Russell, Macleay, Lamb and Karragarra islands is now free.

    1. Hi Celia,
      Yes, the ferry people are very generous about luggage on the ferry. The islanders are known to return from the mainland laden like camels. They are allowed to bring a whole range of goods they have purchased including pushbikes. Also pets are allowed (dogs need to be muzzled).
      At the end of the day it is at the discretion of the deckhand but personally I have never encountered anyone being refused their luggage.
      For more detailed information you can contact the ferry office directly on 07 3409 8033.
      Kind regards,
      Bryan, webmaster

      1. We were also thinking of moving to the Island next year. How much is the ferry from Redland Bay, and then returning to Redland Bay .

        1. Hi Judy,
          Our passenger ferry system is now part of the Brisbane Translink system. You get the latest prices and time table including concession prices from If you want vehicular barge prices, there has been a small increase recently and I will be updating them soon on the website or you can call Stradbroke vehicular barge booking office on 3488 5300.

  3. Hey Guys..
    How about updating your website..

    I see it still showing Multiticket

    And has not been updated since 17/04/2011



  4. impossible to get a decent timetable for Redland Bay passanger ferry service. Goes all over the place but under timetable it is most disjointed and uncomprehensable.

  5. Hi I am about to purchase a house on Russell Island … I notice there seems to be a secure lock-up car pack at Redland Bay Ferry Terminal is this for Island Residents ? if so where do I find out about fees etc for parking a vehicle there ? Regards Simon

    1. Hi Simon,
      Yes, there is a secure car park for island residents. It is run by Redland City Council. You need to contact the council offices at Cleveland, phone 07 3829 8999, for more information.
      Welcome to Russell

  6. If you could provide more information about parking? There are concerns about availability of car parking, the duration cars can park, the cost and who to arrange the parking with.

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