Bay Islands Barge Prices

Southern Moreton Bay Islands Barge Prices
For information on prices and timetables for Coochimudlo and Stradbroke islands ferries, call Stradbroke Ferries on 07 3488 5300.
Cost for vehicle barge from Weinam Street, Redland Bay to Russell Island, Macleay Island, Lamb Island and Karragarra Island. Barges operate from Monday to Sunday.
  1. Bookings for the car ferry are essential.
  2. The vehicle ferry trips differ depending on the island that you are travelling to.  The average trip to Russell Island is approximately 1 hour and to the other islands between 35 to 45 minutes.
  3. A dog may be taken on the vessel as long as it is either located within the vehicle or on a leash.  Dogs and other pets are permitted on the islands, however you should check with your accommodation provider to ensure that pets are allowed on their property.

Southern Moreton Bay Islands Price List

Effective 30th September 2013

For travel to/from Redland Bay to/from Karragarra – Macleay – Lamb and Russell Islands

Car, 4WD, Ute (under 5.5 meters) $59.00 $49.50
(under 6.0m long and under 2.0m wide) $69.00 $60.00
Per meter (Overall length including load) $13.50
Extra Wide Vehicles (Over 2.4 Meters) POA
Cars, 4WD’s & Utes (under 5.5 meters) $29.50 $24.50
Trucks, Commercial Vehicles, Towed Caravans & Trailers (per meter) $6.75
Walk on Passengers (accompanied push bikes travel free of charge)
Adult $2.00
Child (5-14 years) $1.00
With Pillion Passenger $22.00 $18.00
With side car or 3 wheel motorcycle $30.00 $24.50
Adult $6.00
Child (5-14 years) $3.00

For travel to Karragarra – Macleay – Lamb and Russell Islands

Departs: 1 Weinam Sreet, Redland Bay QLD 4165

*Island Resident – must be registered as Resident. Not for commercial purposes.
Please enquire at Booking Office. Prices subject to alteration

Stradbroke Ferries

Phone: 07 3488 5300

Walking On?

Booking Not Required

Walk-ons for the Vehicle Ferry Service and Water Taxi do not require booking. Simply purchase your ticket on board or at the office and walk on board.

The Southern Bay Islands Vehicle Ferry departs from Redland Bay and services Russell, Lamb, Macleay and Karragarra Islands.

Bay Islands Same Day Fare

  • Southern Bay Island Residents
  • Available Monday to Friday
  • Bookings must be made 48 hours prior to travel
  • Departure time from island confirmed on day of travel —-    $56 return!


Island Ferry
Southern Moreton Bay Islands Vehicular Ferry

19 thoughts on “Bay Islands Barge Prices”

  1. hi, i wish to travel to macleay island by car on easter sat 7th april
    can i book online, and when do i have to book, and when is payment required.
    thanks Luke

  2. If your a resident and book sunday return ,is that fare $64. Can you book same day or do you need the 48hr timeframe

    1. Hi Bruno, The $64 applies to residents but you need to book for a Saturday and return on the Sunday as it is a special week end pass. Hope this helps. Enjoy :)

  3. Hi , if your a resident, and you have a concession does that make it cheaper, and do you have to return on the same day ? or within the same week ?

    1. Hi Gayle,
      Yes, if you are a resident, the vehicular barge cost is about 20% cheaper.
      No, you do not need to return the same day or the same week, you have the choice of specifying the date and time of return or make it an open return. There is also a small discount when you do it online. If you book online, if you want an open return, you need to specify a return date and call them later to change it to open return.
      Kind regards,

  4. Hi I’m taking my dog to Maccleay Island on the walk on ferry . If I have him on a lead, is that ok? He’s only a small fox terrier and very calm. Thank you !!
    Regards, Laurel

  5. Hi
    I have moyorcycle and disability concession card. How much for return trip to macleay island from cleveland with pillion
    also to stradbroke

  6. Hello. I’m probably mistaken but it seems all your prices are for the inter-island routes. I don’t see any prices or routes going from Russell to the mainland. Please tell me what the “resident” roundtrip fare is for the car-barge from Russell to the mainland, or please send the link for that chart. Thanks for your help. sk

  7. Hi, if I was wanting to catch a barge to Russell Island this Friday afternoon and stay, and leave the island on the Sunday, how much would it cost both ways for a Holden rodeo standard size ute?

  8. I would like to take one car to Macleay Island and leave one car at the terminal, is there somewhere safe to park for 2 nights at the Redland Bay terminal>

    1. Hi Keith
      There is parking at the vehicular barge area and more parking at and past the passenger ferry terminal. Depends when you are coming, it can fill up, in which case the best chance is at the far end past the passenger ferry terminal.

  9. I live on Russell Island, and I’m currently up at Tin Can Bay. I had planned to come home today, can you please tell me if the barge is running and would you happen to know if there is any road closures between Tin Can Bay and home (Russell Island)??? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

    Hope you’re having a great day

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